Garden of Five Senses or Five Senses Garden

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Garden of Five Senses or Five Senses Garden Mehrauli was designed by Pradeep Sachdeva, an architect from Delhi. The idea was to create a leisure space where people could interact and make contacts. The park was developed by the Delhi Tourism Transport Development Corporation and lasted for more than three years. It opened in February 2003.


The Garden of the Five Senses is divided into several sections.

A low-walled plaza separates this beautiful garden from the main road. The front door has stainless steel birds on slate covered pillars. And the walls were built with sandstone in the Mughal style by artisans from Rajasthan. These sculptors also carved the giant stone elephants that you see when entering the garden.

A paved spiral driveway leads you into the garden. And on the right, you can see Khas Bagh. It is inspired by Mughal gardens and has a lush green lawn with vibrant flowering bushes. Here you can also find small waterfalls that form a free-flowing stream and numerous water sources.

And as you go, you will come across the food court and the mall. A few steps ahead you will find several stone silhouettes, then Neel Bagh. It has a variety of brightly colored, fragrant flowers and a small pond with water lilies.
Garden of Five Senses or Five Senses Garden also has an outdoor amphitheater to organize shows, cultural events and art workshops.
1. Take a walk in nature: the garden is perfect for long night walks. It has several sections with a variety of flower arrangements, water fountains and aromatic shrubs. Khas Bagh is a French garden with lush green lawns. The water runs along the canals, which are lined with vibrant shrubs and trees. And then there are various sources.

At Neel Bagh, you can find climbing plants in different colors and textures. This section also has a pool filled with water lilies. Garden of Five Senses also has a colorful garden with various flowering plants and patches of greenery. In the garden there are more than 200 varieties of medicinal plants, herbs, exotic trees, vegetables and other types of plants. Other natural attractions include a bamboo garden, a palm garden, and a cactus garden.

2. Sculpture Exploration – Garden of Five Senses or Five Senses Garden features a variety of contemporary art, sculpture, and masonry. Stainless steel birds at the gate welcome you to this park. Then you will come across elephants carved out of the pink sandstone. The garden also includes a fountain tree structure, an imposing greyhound, and numerous terracotta works.

Also worth seeing are five statues representing five seasons (and five senses) and figures of children in prayer. And the garden also has a replica of Mexico’s Mayan Arch of Labna. It is a magnificent stone arch.

3. Host a Family Picnic – Green lawns, shady trees, and birdsong make this garden a lovely place for a fun family picnic. You can play with your children on the lawn, click on the photos, and discover the delicacies of the food court. Here you will find a selection of snacks, fast food and drinks. There is also a shopping center in the garden, where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts.

4. Enjoy cultural events – The Garden of the Five Senses or Five Senses Garden is also a privileged place for cultural events and shows. Gardens, architectural structures, and fountains serve as a backdrop for plays and musical events. Besides the picturesque places, there is also a small amphitheater. It is an open-air stage with stone benches on various levels for the audience, surrounded by trees and other small plants.

From time to time art workshops, dandiya parties and other community programs are also held on the lawn and the garden also hosts food festivals and an annual flower show.

5. Participation in the flower fair: The garden hosts an annual flower festival in late winter, February through March. In addition to the usual bushes, various colored flower patterns and structures are present during the show. And during this flower fair in the Five Senses Garden, there are also many stalls selling plants and seeds.

6. Dine at Fio – Fio is a rustic style restaurant and bar next to the garden entrance. It offers a variety of Indian and Italian dishes. And it serves as a cozy place for a satisfying dinner with your loved ones. The Fio offers indoor and outdoor seating. And with live music, dining here would be the perfect way to end a hectic day.

Different rates apply for professional photo shoots and movie recordings. The Garden of Five Senses or Five Senses Garden is also available as a venue for events and parties.

Best Travel Time for Five Senses Garden or Garden of Five Senses

In summer the heat is unbearable and the park is difficult to explore during the monsoons. The grass would be wet most of the day and many shrubs would not even bloom. Therefore, it is best to visit the Garden of the Five Senses towards the end of the winter months, between February and March. The park is full of colorful seasonal flowers these days. And maybe you will also experience the spectacular flower festival.

Places to visit near the Five Senses Garden

1. Qutub Minar – Qutub Minar is a UNESCO World Heritage site, only 3 km away. It is a red sandstone minaret and is one of the tallest minarets in the world. The surrounding area is covered with green grass and you can find all the other structures within the complex. Besides the minaret, there is an iron column, a mosque, and many tombs.

2. Fort Hauz Khas – About 8 km from the Garden of the Five Senses is Fort Hauz Khas, a complex of ruined fortresses that was built during the reign of Allaudin Khilji. People come here to spend time among the green fields or by the lake. There is also a sound and light show every night, which tells the story of Hauz Khas and other structures.

3. Lotus Temple: The Lotus Temple is a quiet place surrounded by ponds and green gardens. It is also known as the Bahá’í House of Worship and is one of the seven most important Bahá’í Temples in the world. The Lotus Temple is open to all religions. And instead of being dedicated to a deity, this temple represents peace and unity among all religions. It is located about 10 km from theGarden of Five Senses.


The garden of the five senses recalls the five senses of the human body. Contemporary art work and rock-hewn sculptures invite the touch. The scattered colors delight the eye. The flowers trigger the smell; sounds stimulate hearing. And the food court awakens the sense of taste. The garden invites you to interact and discover. And the five senses are balanced to calm you down and relax while you are here.
This 20-hectare site is located in the village of Said-ul-Azaib, opposite Saket. It is close to the Mehrauli Historical Heritage Site, where you can visit the imposing Qutub Minar World Heritage Monument. You’ll also find several art galleries, designer boutiques, and sumptuous take-out meals.

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